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LeanCo Resolution, the Lean Management that applies to real estate


It all starts with the project of a lifetime, the purchase of a condo or a new house. After several months of work and a significant investment, the client recovers the keys to his new property. After moving in, and often in the first few days, problems appear: an electrical outlet, a tap, a poor paint finish, traces of moisture…The user then announces his dissatisfaction to the developer or the general contractor... who will do everything to repair the damage as soon as possible. That’s when the real trouble starts. We then find all the waste of time and the administrative burden which includes the many back and forth between all the stakeholders. Added to this are the difficulties in finding a date for intervention and monitoring its progress... What a nightmare!

LeanCo Resolution EN

That’s why with LeanCo Resolution, users can instantly report an issue from their smart phone or tablet. The promoter or developing general contractor is immediately notified and transmit the information to the right company that will conduct the repair. This contractor or subcontractor offers the owner several time slots to schedule an appointment with all the information required beforehand. The user concludes the intervention by directly evaluating the assessment of the company which intervened on 4 criteria. This instant feedback provides measurable indicators for continuous improvement and increasing the overall customer experience.

With this application, the administrative processing time of a claim takes no more than 15 minutes. In comparison, to the average of these times, which normally amounts to 2 hours. Moreover, the exchanges being fluid, the time between the complaint and the end of the intervention with the user assessment is much shorter. In fact, this delay is now divided on average between 2 and 5. Finally, a dashboard is made available to analyze all your data. You will find the number of reports per contractors/unit/operation, the response time, the total elapse time and finally the average rating of each company.


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Winner of the Propel award by MIPIM New York

at Pitchtech Innovation Construction Batimatech 2020